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Charged With a Criminal Offence and Need a Criminal Lawyer in Calgary?

Being charged with a criminal offence is probably the scariest thing that will ever happen to you. You really do need to consider engaging experienced legal representation to ensure that you get the best possible defence. Our Criminal Lawyers Calgary website is designed to help you in your decision to choose the right lawyer for you and the case that you need representation for. We created this site in an attempt to educate you on what the proper procedures are, and what your options are, regarding your criminal charges, to ensure that you are properly represented with an effective criminal defence that will give you the results that you desire, which can mean keeping you out of jail, keeping your fines to a minimum, and keeping your legal fees to a minimum.


The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Provides These Rights If You Are Arrested

The police must explain all of these rights to you if you are arrested or detained. You have the right:

  • To be informed promptly of the reason you have been arrested or detained
  • To retain and instruct a lawyer without delay and to be informed of that right
  • To telephone any lawyer you wish

The words "without delay" mean once the situation is under control and the safety of everyone is ensured. If you are under 18 years of age, you have the right to speak with a parent or other appropriate adult as soon as possible.


Here Are Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Effective Criminal Defence Lawyer In Calgary
The following points are just some factors that may help you to choose the right criminal lawyer for you, that can also determine the outcome of any criminal defence, based on your decision.

1. How Much Criminal Law Experience Do They Have?

Our goal is that you have an equal opportunity by using our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible defence for your set of circumstances in the criminal defence of your case.


We Have a Lot of Expertise with Winning Strategies


2. Where Did They Get Their Experience?

Where lawyers get their experience is important because if they know the prosecutors and the judges, that may influence how they procede with certain types of defences. Different personalities respond differently to different tactics. Knowing those personalities can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful defence. Make sure that anyone that you hire has local experience and knows the Judges and Prosecutors.


We Acquired Most of Our Experience Right Here in the City of Calgary


3. What Areas of Law Do They Focus On? Do They Focus on Criminal Law?

While we have expertise in civil litigation and class actions, our focus, and the vast majority of our time is spent on criminal law and defending people with their criminal defence.


Our Focus is on Criminal Law So That Our Clients Get Some of the Best Representation Possible


4. Do They Explain Things in a Way That You Understand Everything They're Saying or Are You Lost?

Not every personality type gets along with every other personality type and in some cases that can lead to the feeling that you're speaking different languages. Make sure that you understand your lawyer, like them and have confidence in them, before hiring them. It could mean a huge difference in the outcome of your case.


We Go to Great Lengths to Make Sure That You Understand All of the Implications So That There Are No Surprises


5. What Kind of Reputation Do They Have? 

In some instances, it can be important to consider a specific lawyer's reputation as they are known for taking on difficult, complex, and high-profile cases. You can discover more about a lawyer's reputation by reading reviews and testimonials.


We Specialize in all areas of Criminal Law


6. High Profile Lawyer vs. Low Profile Lawyer

Most lawyers charge based on a variety of factors that include:

  1. their level of experience
  2. the nature of the charges
  3. complexity of the case
  4. the length of the case
  5. whether or not expert witnesses are required

High Profile lawyers tend to have high profile clients and their fees are usually much higher.


Lower Profile Case Lawyers, Tend to Charge Less Than High Profile Lawyers

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Frequently Asked Questions



We get asked the following questions all of the time, so we thought that it would be a good idea to answer some of them for you in the event that you are currently in this particular situation and are searching for the answers on your cell phone...


Can the police search me without a search warrant?

The police can search you without a search warrant under the following circumstances...

  • To ensure their own safety
  • To find evidence of the offence for which they arrested you
  • Because you have given them "informed consent" to search you
  • When they find you in a place where they are searching for drugs and they have reason to believe you have drugs
  • When they find you in a vehicle where people are transporting or consuming alcohol illegally
  • When they have reason to believe that you have alcohol on you illegally
  • When they have reason to believe that you have an illegal weapon or one that was used to commit an offence, and it might be removed or destroyed if they took the time to get a search warrant


If you believe that you are being searched illegally or without good reason, tell the police you object to the search,
want to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, and call us at (403) 214-0222


Can the police enter my home without a search warrant?

The police can enter your home without a search warrant under the following circumstances...

  • When they have permission from you
  • When they have a warrant that allows them to enter your home to arrest comeone
  • When they need to enter in order to prevent someone inside from being seriously injured or killed
  • When there is evidence in your home that relates to a serious offence, and they need to find that evidence right away or it might be lost or destroyed
  • To give emergency aid to someone inside
  • To protect the life or safety of someone inside if they have a reasonable belief that a life-threatening emergency exists
  • To protect the life or safety of people in the home if someone heard a gunshot inside
  • To investigate a 911 telephone call
  • To help someone who has reported a domestic assault to remove their belongings safely
  • To protect people from injury if the police have reason to suspect that there is a drug laboratory in the house
  • To help animals in immediate distress because of injury, illness, abuse, or neglect
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